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Why are so many medical offices and billing services choosing TotalMD ASP for web medical billing software?

Access your Data anytime!

You can get secure access to your practice data anytime day or night from anywhere you have access to a high speed internet connection.

Your data is secure!

We have three separate electric power sources (diesel too!) plus redundant internet access. A five drive redundancy server in a biometrics secured data warehouse is where your data is safely stored. You can be assured your data is always accessible and extremely safe.

Advanced features:

We have many advanced features to offer including : Encoder Pro, Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA) Capability, and Prescription Writing. All this and more at TotalMD.

Never Outdated!

The latest version will always be available for TotalMD, Encoder Pro, CPT, ICD-9 and HCPCS codes.

Great Price!

You will never have to buy high priced server hardware or other networking equipment. Just use your existing computer and our server will do the data work for you.

Automatic Backup of All Your Data!

We backup your data every day to make sure all you data is safe and secure.

We Have Great Technical Support!

We include the best technical support you will find anywhere at TotalMD ASP

Our Online Medical Billing and Coding Programs Applications Service Provider (ASP) lets you plug in to all the advantages of the internet.

The perfect solution for your billing services and multi location practices, with TotalMD ASP you have complete access to your practice data anytime day or night from any pc with high speed internet. anytime or anywhere, you can access your data. Make the change from a traditional system to a web based software, you'll be glad you did.